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Huck Magna-Grip


Huck Magna-Grip fasteners offer a generous selection of diameters — from 3/16 to 3/8 inch — for light to heavy-duty applications. They break flush, every time, and provide multi-thickness capability thanks to a wide grip range for each diameter. With Magna-Grip fasteners you achieve clean installations across-the-board, for a variety of assembly thicknesses, while stocking less inventory. In addition to consistent clamp force, shear, and tensile strength, the Huck Magna-Grip ensures absolute vibration resistance with a unique locking-groove design. It simply can’t come loose no matter how demanding the application — which reduces rework and warranty claims, providing long-term savings for your company and increased satisfaction for your customers.

With Magna-Grip fasteners, quality installations do not depend upon the skill of the worker or a correctly calibrated tool. They install in seconds (up to 1,200 per hour) and require no more than a glance to confirm a correct installation: If the core pin is flush with the collar, the Magna-Grip fastener has been properly installed. It’s that simple. And the installation process can be mastered in minutes with minimal training

In applications where a wide grip range is required and a flush bolt break to the collar is beneficial, Huck Magna-Grip is the ideal fastener for the job. Like all Huck engineered fasteners, Magna-Grip offers the highest level of vibration-resistance possible. Magna-Grip installs reliably, and consistently provides high, uniform installed values.



  • Offers the highest level of vibration resistance available
  • Consistently provides high, uniform installed values
  • Wide grip range can replace up to 4 traditional HuckBolts
  • Unmatched installation speed
  • Low overall installed cost
  • Vibration resistance
  • Flush-breaking pin
  • Quiet non-torque tools
  • No repetitive stress injuries
  • Eliminates need for secondary operations
  • No special training or skills required for operators


The Huck Magna-Grip accommodates wide variations in joint thickness - 14.3/23.9mm *
Consisting of a pin and a collar, the Magna-Grip covers a wide range of applications and reduces the risk of fastener installation and minimises fastener inventory.

  • Flush pinbreak: No catching on clothes, skin or goods
  • Pin head style: Button, truss, countersunk, rivet, broad truss
  • Collar style: Standard flange, medium flange, wide flange
  • Materials: Steel, aluminium
  • Available Sizes:  3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"




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